Signs of a Flooding

May 2, 2018 | General

Common signs of flooding in your Home

In the beginning, the signs of flooding can be slightly hard to spot. However, as the flooding in your home progresses, there are some obvious signs that will be hard to miss. Sometimes flooding is hidden beneath the walls, under the floorboards or even on the exterior of the house.

The older your home is, the more likely it is that it has suffered flooding at some point or other. Even if your home is new, it is still important to keep up with regular checkups and inspections, to ensure that your property maintains its pristine condition. Here are the most common signs of flooding in your home:

Saggy floor spots

If you are walking around and start to notice sagging spots on the floor, which tend to be softer than the other parts, it could be a clear sign that your dealing with flooding. If the spots are located mainly in your bathroom, kitchen or laundry area around the sinks and shower, you should act immediately.

Swollen drywall

In some instances, drywall can absorb excess moisture from the air, which will cause it to bubble and swell with time. During your inspection, always check your drywall thoroughly to see if there are signs of water retention inside.

Presence of a musty odor

One of the most commonly encountered signs of water retention is the presence of a distinctive and musty smell in the atmosphere. The strong smell usually points to water pooling in the building materials that are hidden from your direct view like the insulation. The strong smell is brought about by bacteria and the growth of mold feeding on the excess moisture. When left unchecked for long periods, the spores from the mold can start to spread all over your home and can become a respiratory hazard.

Increased number of pests

Water is necessary for pests to survive so when you start to notice a high number of pests such as termites, rodents, roaches and ants in your home, it could be a direct indicator that they have found ready water sources in your home. Of course, the cleanliness of your home and nutrient sources could also bring about an influx of pests so be sure to consider which of the options are bringing out pest infestations.

Peeling paint

If you find areas on the wall that have bubbling or peeling paint, it is a red flag that there is flooding in your home. Peeling paint is commonly found around the areas where pipes and windows are located; the degree of damage will give you clues about how bad the destruction is and how much it will cost you to repair it.

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